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Student's are losing patience and anxioness levels are increasing 

Back in 2020, students were dealing with the pandemic and their education at the same time. Like is not hard enough they are also dealing with the application Canvas. That they found it unbearable to use, and instead find other apps that can be more useful.

Gaining Canvas efficiency and trust.

Based on the research, showed me what to focus on which was the hierarchy of visuals and prioritizing the information that students use day to day. 

What are Students needs during this new time in era

Students were using multiple applications to keep track of their school work because they feel using Canvas is a waste of time.  Conducted interviews and based on the response create a user persona. 

2020 was a new era for everyone due to the pandemic the whole entire world changed. Now, what are the tools that students are needing to overcome this new change?

  • College students want to focus more on their mental health versus school work

  • Canvas does provide tools to keep track of assignments however lacks a hierarchy and usability

  • To be less time on 

Roles & Responsibilites

  • User Research

  • UX Design (lofi + hi-fi mockups)

Project Context

  • November  - December 2020

  • Student Portal  + App is used all over the nation

Tools Used

  • Figma

  • Wood

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